Letter: Safety improvements needed?

To the editor:

I live in the neighborhood directly east of Mounds View High School. Several times each day my family travels on Lake Valentine Road, County Road E and E2. All of these trips require travel on Old State Hwy. 10 (also known as “Old” Snelling Avenue). Traffic on this road seems to keep increasing. The absence of a dedicated shoulder, the high speed limit of 45 m.p.h., and the numerous curves on the road between County Road E and Hwy. 96, all come together to make the road dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.  Bethel maintains an active sports facility on this road, and the city of Arden Hills will soon reopen Valentine Park, also on this road. Since the road is heavily used by high school student, college students, and elementary school families, it would seem that the safety of this road should be reviewed. I hope that something can be done about this important issue.

Zach Mohlenhoff
Arden Hills

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