Platinum Bank: tailoring solutions and providing structure for all business sizes

As Platinum Bank celebrates its 10th anniversary, big plans for 2017 make for celebration beyond this milestone at the popular community bank. Platinum has seen continued growth during its decade in business with its staff nearly doubling in two years and the recent opening of a new office in Plymouth. “It’s really a full-service, complete extension of our Oakdale location and vice versa,” says Market President Marc Cove, who is one of Platinum’s founders. Many clients do business throughout the Twin Cities, creating a necessity for having locations on both sides of the metro area. “We’re looking to better serve our existing clients, as well as expand our base. The whole staff is as much an Oakdale team as a Plymouth team,” Cove says. In 2016 Platinum received the prestigious U.S. Small Business Administration’s Export Programs Lender of the Year award, and was ranked among Minnesota’s top 25 lenders. “We have customers that trade exports in products worldwide. It shows we are passionate about helping Minnesota businesses,” Cove explains about the SBA recognition. Looking ahead, Cove says a major initiative in 2017 will be a refinement and dedication to cash management. “We want to take it to the next level. We’ve had all of the products and services forever, but now we are adding some talent on top of that to meet the ever-increasing needs of fraud protection and the movement of money.” “We bring solutions and problem-solve,” says Vice President and Cash Management Specialist Julie Anderson, who’s spent half of her banking career on this pursuit. “Technology is always changing, and so much of what we provide is education and letting people know their options. A lot of banking has gone electronic and there’s a focus on trying to be more efficient with cash management utilization.” “We have all of the bells and whistles that are behind the internet-based banks,” Cove adds. “But we refuse to be an internet-type service. At Platinum, it’s about human contact; it’s about human structure, it’s about how we can make a difference in our customers’ world.” The Platinum team is committed to customer service. Team members respond to messages within a day, even outside of business hours, and they’re known for their ability to customize banking solutions. “We’re very client-focused, and as a smaller bank we can tailor solutions more,” says Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager Tanner Johnson. The team stresses working together, and all staffers collaborate to meet customers’ needs and help them feel at home. “Here at Platinum, we tend to find ourselves playing more from the rough than from the fairway, because we think outside of the box,” Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager Tony Jenkins says. “We strongly emphasize the personal customer service each of our clients receive.” “Our team has the expertise and years of experience to help anybody. There’s not a need we can’t meet; not a cash management service we can’t provide,” Cove adds. “And you get it with personalized service.”

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