Let Kris Kiefer-Vik and Allstate help with your insurance needs

From left, Keith Lomen, Julie Pitcher, Kris Kiefer-Vik and Mike Giglio have earned Allstate’s “premier agency” ranking for their balanced approach to helping meet all their clients’ needs.

Located right off Geneva Avenue and Interstate 694, Kris Kiefer-Vik’s Allstate office is there to help with whatever insurance needs life throws your way.

Kiefer-Vik’s mission is to protect clients from risks that could jeopardize their financial security in the future, and to also help them plan ahead so their dreams become a reality.

“We identify ways we can help clients if they were to get off track,” she says, “and find ways to prevent them from getting off track, moving forward.”

After identifying where risks are, Kiefer-Vik and her team use a variety of products and services to help minimize potential losses, and protect financial assets.

Kiefer-Vik says she came to the insurance field in an unexpected way back in 1986. While going to college at night, she needed a full-time job during the day. She started in the mailroom at an insurance company in Arden Hills, and eventually ended up in life insurance underwriting.

She enjoyed her work and stayed in life insurance as an underwriter before becoming a manager. Now Kiefer-Vik has worked for life insurance and financial services companies for most of her corporate life.

“In 2003, we had a merger and I decided to go out to sales,” Kiefer-Vik says, adding she moved to Wisconsin and opened an agency.

It was while in Wisconsin that Kiefer-Vik learned more about the variety of insurance policies and benefit plans offered by Allstate, and when she moved back to Minnesota with thoughts of opening a new agency, she found her best fit was with Allstate.

At Allstate, she says clients aren’t going to be calling an 800 number or visiting a big-box store.

“Allstate is committed to having agencies located in the communities, so that people can go in and talk to their agent,” Kiefer-Vik says. She adds that Allstate’s model is not internet based, or driven -- it’s people driven.

Kiefer-Vik’s agency is a visible presence in the community, and its staff members enjoy meeting people around town. They regularly participate in a variety of events, including expos, tradeshows and fundraisers. 

Kiefer-Vik says she emphasizes community involvement because she wants to make a positive impact on the people who live here.

“So that people think of Oakdale and the areas around Oakdale as a good place to live and work,” Kiefer-Vik says, adding that she wants Oakdale to be a strong community so her clients and her business can flourish.

The goal of her Allstate agency is to help people find insurance coverage and benefit plans that best suit their needs, and Kiefer-Vik emphasizes that she and her staff aren’t there for a hard sell. 

“We want to be the right fit with the right clients,” she says. “It doesn’t take more than a couple minutes to have a conversation and figure that out.”

Kiefer-Vik and the Allstate Foundation Partner with Best Prep, an organization that goes into schools, to provide teenagers with safe driving information.

During a visit Kiefer-Vik says she will talk about distracted driving and how safe driving will keep them alive and will also keep insurance premiums lower in the future.

Kiefer-Vik is also a child-passenger safety technician. She has a certificate from HealthPartners and Regions Hospital to check baby and children’s car seat installation.

Allstate ranks her office as a “premier agency.” This is not a rating given to all Allstate agencies, and means Kiefer-Vik and her staff have a balanced approach to how they help clients.

For more information about how Kiefer-Vik and her team can help you, stop by and visit. Like so many folks have already discovered, “you’ll be in good hands.”


Products covered:

• Auto

• Home

• Condo

• Renters 

• Motorcycle

• Business

• Life


• and many others


Kris ‘saved us even more money ...’

Every time I have needed something from your agency, you have been so helpful and professional. ~Mary W.

Kris was very knowledgeable about the difference options for insurance. She made getting insurance for our first home very smooth and enjoyable! ~Carolene V.

Great! Kris found a discrepancy in our premium as a result of a housing inspection, and adjusted our premium right away. She saved us even more money on our policy! ~Teresa H.

Kris was very accommodating in taking the time to answer my insurance questions considering I didn’t have a scheduled appointment with her. ~Mark Z.

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