Mendota Heights to help keep the lights on


On March 31, the Mendota Heights Police department announced its participation in a Metro-wide program called “Lights On,” which seeks to keep motorists’ brake and headlights lit.

“It’s an opportunity for officers to issue a voucher instead or in lieu of a citation for lighting violations,” Mendota Heights police Chief Kelly McCarthy said. 

McCarthy said the department was contacted by MicroGrants, which started the program. She said it sounded like a great way to solve problems instead of just adding to them.

Now, when officers pull a driver over for a broken headlight or taillight, they can offer the driver a coupon. That person can take the coupon to any of the eight Bobby and Steve’s Auto World service stations throughout the metro. 

Bobby and Steve’s will replace the light for free and MicroGrants pays the bill.

McCarthy said it’s easy to get behind the ball when it comes to traffic violations.

“Our society is set up in a way that you rely on motor vehicle transportation. You kind of get caught in this cycle where you need money to fix your car but you have to drive to your job in your broken car,” McCarthy said. “Hopefully this will be a little bit of stop gap and will help families that may have to make tough choices between equipment repair on their vehicles and other things.”

McCarthy said she doesn’t know how long the program will last but added the program is not costing Mendota Heights residents any money.

-Hannah Burlingame 

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