LETTER: School board member backs Barr

To the Editor:

My mailbox has been packed with political mail  some claiming one thing and others claiming the opposite. One was particularly concerning to me as to how misleading it was. 

The piece had a picture of a child with the words, “You’d cry too if Regina Barr underfunded your school.” However, Regina Barr didn’t underfund our schools. Instead, she worked to ensure our schools are fully funded. 

Regina Barr co-authored the bill to meet the No. 1 priority of the schools in our district: a 2 percent increase in the per-pupil formula. This increase means the school districts in our area will see a combined $15.3 million increase in funding over the next two years. Not only has she prioritized funding our schools but also voted for school safety reforms to make sure our kids are safe. This allowed two of our District 199 schools to receive a total of $237,000 for safety improvements.

Regina Barr also prioritized the safety of our police officers, first responders and those experiencing mental health or substance abuse crises. Regina Barr secured funding for the SMART Center in Inver Grove Heights, a first of its kind training facility for law enforcement and first responders in Minnesota. The training will focus on helping police identify when an individual is experiencing a mental health or substance abuse episode and to equip them with the skills needed to respond in a manner that keeps both officers and the community safe.

I support the re-election of Regina Barr.

Susan Gliva, Inver Grove Heights Community Schools board member

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