LETTER: Questions for Johnson

To the Editor:


I have some questions about Mayor Val Johnson’s recent DWI arrest.  Two lawyers on retainer for the City of New Brighton were involved in prosecuting the case.  One to write up the charges sent to the judge, the other to prosecute the case before the judge.   Only the DWI charges were allowed in the hearing, the speeding violation and the lapsed license tabs violation vanished.

Val Johnson asked for and received a public defender.  Why?  Is our Mayor destitute? The judge further waived the fee for the public defender and the fee for the chemical dependency evaluation.   In the end, Val Johnson got a mere $50 fine.  

I have some open questions directly for Val Johnson.  Did you learn anything from the experience? Are you following any court-ordered plan to avoid drinking and driving?  Let us know.  Let us all know.


Richard “Rick” Moses

New Brighton

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