Greg Foote Jewelers offers unique, quality jewelry and repair service to match

The Greg Foote Jewelers staff, from left: Tina Reeves, Greg Foote, Jean Hoerth and Shelley Roeske.

Clockwise, from top left: Owner Greg Foote repairs a watch in his studio. Greg resizes an engagement ring. Jean gently and precisely tightens a stone on an ornate bracelet. Shelley restrings pearls and is skilled at restringing all types of bead necklaces and bracelets.

Greg Foote Jewelers showroom: comfortable, easy-to-navigate and full of unique designs.

Greg Foote Jewelers is something of a hidden gem, located in the center of Oakdale in the All Family Dental Building. Clients work with staff to invest in new jewelry, repair the old or work with jewelers Greg Foote or Jean Hoerth to create a custom design. Greg Foote Jewelers also offers a section of watches and watch repair. The showroom is intimate and easy to navigate; classical music plays while the staff makes repairs and consults with customers.

Established in 1980, Greg Foote Jewelers is a trove of unique, quality accessories from top brands and small designers. Owner Greg Foote stocks tried and true classics like Seiko watches alongside contemporary, innovative pieces from hard-to-find brands. One of the store’s new lines, Stephen Estelle Jewelry, is known for bright, colorful silhouettes crafted by goldsmiths in the Himalayas.

Greg also carries a varied selection of engagement rings and wedding bands; the store’s jewelers talk with clients in advance, then pull a selection of options designed to fit each client’s unique aesthetic and price point. Once a piece of jewelry leaves the store, Greg recommends regular cleanings and inspections.

“Jewelry is not unlike anything else of value that needs to be maintained,” says Greg. “We recommend every six months that people get their jewelry in, get it cleaned and checked. There’s no charge to do this and it only takes five to 10 minutes”.

If there are recommended repairs, Greg and his staff have the technology to get the job done safely and precisely. An onsite laser welder allows the store to make even the most delicate, unconventional fixes.

Greg, a goldsmith himself, about 10 years ago he hired a second goldsmith and graduate gemologist, Jean Hoerth. As a graduate gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) she is also able to do appraisals and insurance evaluations.

“She is one of the best goldsmiths around” says Greg. “She is able to do the most difficult repairs extremely well.”

In addition to repairs, Greg and his team are able to remount stones into new settings, and even take on custom fabrication projects.

“It might be Mom’s jewelry or Grandma’s jewelry that they inherited. They don’t necessarily like the design of it, but they want to keep the stones,” explains Greg. “We can remake it into something that they will enjoy wearing.”

Greg and his team see jewelry as an investment and a journey. From the initial engagement ring selection to regular cleanings and eventual upkeep, he puts the client’s expectations and desires first. After almost 40 years in business, it’s his emphasis on quality products and personalized service that has helped Greg Foote Jewelers continue to grow. 

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