LETTER: Reap the benefits of helping kids read

To the Editor:


I would like to state how very concerned I am with all the children out there who have so many difficulties reading. Approximately 50% of our young ones struggle with reading. It has also been said that the elementary years are some of the most crucial for the development of good reading and learning habits. Because of this, we as teachers, parents and students must be more vigilant. Our ultimate goal is to get our students reading to learn and not learning to read by the end of third grade.

I am a second-year Reading Corps tutor at Parkview School here in Roseville. Our district here is in great need of Reading Corps — and math — tutors for the fall of 2019 and winter of 2020. Please, could you help?

My decision to become a Reading Corps tutor has been a life-changing experience for me. I feel I have been a recipient of a gift to transform lives, as well as mine, as I help these children learn how to read. How blessed I am! If you apply and join, I virtually promise you that it will transform your life too.

For more information, please visit www.readingandmath.net. Will you join me? Did I mention there is a living stipend and educational award as benefits? And also you can serve 18, 25 or 35 hours a week?


Steve Bartz


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