LETTER: Jessup: ‘I am the nonpartisan candidate’

To the Editor:

A couple of past letters to the editor have challenged my nonpartisan candidacy for Ramsey County commissioner, and I wish to affirm that I am the nonpartisan candidate in the upcoming election.  

In late May, local Republican leaders asked if I wanted their endorsement for my campaign. I declined their offer as I believe the commissioner role should not be guided by a political agenda. 

Second, I have received support from a number of primary election candidates as well as local city leaders, including some who identify as Democrats. Third, our campaign team includes Republicans, Democrats and Independents. I appreciate their diversity of insights and perspectives.  

My agenda is to serve our community by working closely with city leaders to keep local decisions local. I am committed to listening respectfully, responding to residents’ interests and concerns, and making decisions that serve our communities well in the future.  

I am the candidate with a resident-focused agenda, and I ask for your campaign support and for your vote on or before Tuesday, Nov. 5. Please connect with me at info@randyforramsey.com, on Facebook at “RandyforRamseyCo,” or at www.RandyforRamsey.com.

Randy Jessup
Ramsey County Commissioner candidate, District 1

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