LETTER: Stille’s words vs. actions

To the Editor:

As I perused Randy Stille’s campaign literature in the last edition of the St. Anthony Bulletin, I was struck by the discrepancies between what Mr. Stille advertised and his record as a councilman.  

While he advertised a promise to “engage with all faith-based communities,” Mr. Stille voted against allowing the Abu-Huraira Islamic Center to operate in St. Anthony. This vote then prompted the American Civil Liberties Union and the U.S. Department of Justice to intervene.  

He said, “We cannot ignore the need to add affordable, workforce housing.” Yet, he was part of a council that ignored public input regarding policy support for affordable housing in the city’s 2040 comprehensive plan, choosing to side-step implementing enforceable policies being used in other suburban communities. Similarly, he left many Lowry Grove residents feeling uncared-for and unrepresented, casting doubt on his commitment to serving residents in need of affordable options.  

He promised to lead by “supporting transparency,” yet for years Mr. Stille was part of the annual St. Anthony city government retreat which took place outside city limits. He never protested this event, which cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in hotel fees and made St. Anthony an outlier. For transparency, other metro towns hold these sessions at city halls. It wasn’t until the Minnesota Department of Administration determined that the city government violated the state’s Open Meeting Law that this practice stopped.  

It turns out I didn’t need to read his glossy advertisement. Mr. Stille’s actions speak for themselves.

Kate Martin
St. Anthony

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